Working to make a sustained difference in the lives and livelihoods of the society through stimulating the Middle Class Economy.

We ensure Quality of Customer Service, Timely Process of Loan Request and Satisfaction through the right & simple deployment and use of IT solutions.

At LEFAYDA, we are dedicated to serve our clients to get most out of their money, that is why we offer different types of banking services to meet a variety of your needs.

Who we are

Lefayda Credit & Saving S.C. established in June/2007, Licensed by the National Bank of Ethiopia with license no mfi/029/2007 and with trade registration No. 062/17915/99. The Institution provides Saving, Lending and other Financial Services.

Why us?

At Lefayda we continually tailor our products to meet your specific financial needs

We acknowledge the uniqueness of each of our customers, that is why we adapt our products to their specific need so that they prosper, and pursue the passions that drive their dreams

We value your time

With our Seamless banking service, you can run your personal & business account more productively and efficiently.

Our approach is distinctly innovative

We constantly seek new ways to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We also look to get the most out of advances in digitalization, and embrace client technology platforms.